Project Management


Changing market conditions have resulted in bringing products and services to market in short time spans. To meet time and delivery conditions, project management and delivery methodologies have evolved with the aid of IT organizations. Over time IT organizations have played a pivotal role in formulating and implementing strategic business initiatives. The focus has now shifted to develop incremental solutions that can be measured and deployed with ease. This calls for an efficient project planning, management and monitoring projects, which is what we aim to provide. From planning to managing and monitoring your software application and the development and implementation we assist you in everything.


Providing you with the best project management solutions, ensuring that they are not just result oriented but also cost effective and delivered in time is the focus at all times. We support IT organizations at each level providing solutions, planning, organizing, and managing resources to bring about the successful completion of the project to achieve the desired goals and objectives.


Over time we have completed projects in responsive IT environments and also in conventional organizations. From the initiation of the project we maintain momentum, iterating and focus on the completion and growth of the project.


Our list of expertise includes the following:



Project Planning

A good and flawless plan is the first step to achieve the desired results. Our team of professionals guides you at every level, leading the project to achieve desired results. From planning the project to its implementation they provide assistance related to project scope, resource planning and scheduling, risk assessment, and understanding stakeholder expectations. The right design, approach and process is what help achieve the target.


Project Health Checks

Periodic evaluation through the project helps track the progress of the project. We conduct assessment at periodic levels, which is customized specially for each client. This not only determines the progress but also provides comprehensive risk analysis. As per the checks the project can be realigned and corrected if required.


Management of Project Operations

Efficient and persistent management of operations is what makes the project successful. Our professionals manage the project on a day-to-day basis, concentrating on varied tasks at different levels. This includes modifications and enhancements of the project process, budget, resource and stakeholder expectations as per the project.


Project Management Office

Along with planning we are also specialized in establishing a Project Management Office or PMO as per the project requirement. This helps establish and maintain essential rules and expectations regarding the formulation and implementation of the project in view of the project manager, the project team and stakeholders.

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